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Ganlin Translation is committed to providing you with the best-in-class translation and interpretation services with fast delivery and at the most competitive prices.

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Our Specialization

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Document Translation

Our translation services mainly focus on the major Asian languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai Malaysian, Hindi and Malaysian.

website Localization

We help enterprises and individuals in their website language translations, designs and content localization.

Audio Transcription

Our audio transcription services cover a wide range of industries such as legal depositions, medical interviews, insurance, business meetings, video production, movies, etc.


We provide high-quality onsite and/or online interpretation services to satisfy the needs of enterprises and individuals. Our interpretation services focus on the major Asian languages.

Guide Interpretation

Our well-designed sight-seeing plan and guide interpretation services have been an important part of our service portfolio.

Proofreading Services

At Ganlin Translation, all the translated documents are double proofread by our senior language experts for quality assurance purposes.

What Our Clients Say

Ganlin Translation has served thousands of companies and individuals since 2004 and our premium services have been highly rated, praised and commented by our clients. 

Working with a language expert like Ganlin Translation Corporation enables us to dramatically boost our market reach, competitiveness and customer base. Having our footprints in China represents a giant step in becoming a truly global publication.
— Jacob Fattal, Publisher and President of U.S. Tech Magazine

For Our Client List & more Clients Testimonials

We are very much honored to hire Ganlin Translation Corporation for the localization of our website. The excellent translation work done by CMCC has enabled our company, C Plus Electronics, to penetrate into the enormous electronics market in China. C Plus Electronics expects to generate 2 million dollars extra sales revenues from the rising business empire in 2007.” — Froy Becerra-Cochez, Vice President of Global Operations, C Plus Electronics, Inc.
We are so impressed with the services provided by Ganlin Translation Corporation in localizing our website in such a short time. The entire localization and content integration processes went on so smoothly and cost-effectively”. — Gary B. Munoz, President and CEO of NetSource Technology, Inc.

Our Recent Projects

The recent projects we successfully undertaken include but not limited to the following ones

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