Unlike many peers in the translation industry, Ganlin Translation maintains strong belief that translation is just a preliminary way to realize visibility but by no means the final objectives. Ganlin Translation differentiates itself  by providing our clients with strong marketing solutions. This includes but not limited to marketing their websites, products brochures, leaflets, white papers and technical manuals we translated to their target readers and clients.

Ganlin Translation sets it apart from the competitions by constantly acquiring, updating, refining and and leveraging a highly comprehensive database that covers electronics manufacturing, designing, distribution, and research industries in Greater China. Our database covers major information such as company name, address, telephone, fax, zip code, contacting person, email and major products. The following list just shows you the database of some of the major Chinese industries that we can help your products, solutions and services penetrate to:

Electronics and Electrical enterprises: 196,552   (Names/Emails) 

Computers, Networking and Communications: 115,620    Names/Emails

Machinery, Instrumentations and Industrial equipment: 48,757  (Names/Emails)

IT and Computer Software: 190,865   (Names/Emails)

Science & Technology: 48,223   (Names/Emails)

Packaging, Printing and Paper-making: 230,683  (Names/Emails)

Schools, Educations and Training: 136,655   (Names/Emails) 

Foods and Beverage: 17,761   (Names/Emails)

News agencies, publishing and media: 70,261  (Names/Emails)

Pharmaceutical and healthcare: 26,215  (Names/Emails)

Business and Trade: 43,653    (Names/Emails)

Finance and Investment: 15,228   (Names/Emails)

Import & Export: 56,602   (Names/Emails)

Chinese government agencies: 5,410   (Names/Emails)

Tobacco Manufacturing Enterprises: 590   (Names/Emails)

Other Industries: 2.1 million  (Names/Emails)

Individual Consumers: 9,187,400 (Names/Emails)

The above database is constantly renewed and maintained on a regular basis. 
Please feel free to Contact Us if any of the industry falls into your interest.

Database Marketing
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