Out Clients' Testimonials

“Ganlin Translation Corporation helped Gorilla develop a website for a Chinese division of one of our clients. Gorilla’s developers do not speak or read Chinese, so we hired Ganlin to translate the designs and content sent from the Chinese design firm. The services offered by Ganlin Translation were critical to the success of the project. Ganlin’s team went above and beyond at every step in the project and we would not hesitate to ask for their assistance again”.
— Eric Walter, Principal, Gorilla Media Inc.
“We are very much honored to hire Ganlin Translation Corporation for the localization of our website. The excellent translation work done by CMCC has enabled our company, C Plus Electronics, to penetrate into the enormous electronics market in China. C Plus Electronics expects to generate 2 million dollars extra sales revenues from the rising business empire in 2007.” www.cpluselectronics.com
— Froy Becerra-Cochez, Vice President of Global Operations, C Plus Electronics, Inc.
“We take our growing business relationship very seriously. We cannot possibly succeed with our desire to attract Chinese firms to Asheville without an experienced and dedicated translation company like Ganlin Translation Corporation”.
“We have been most favorably impressed with the Ganlin’s professionalism and genuine desire to help its clients. We are each committed to bring value to our clients, our stakeholders, you might say, shareholders, and to our allies, in this case, the Ganlin is our ally”. www.ashevillechamber.org
— Ray Denny, Vice President of Economics Development Division of Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, North Carolina.
“Working with a language expert like Ganlin Translation Corporation enables us to dramatically boost our market reach, competitiveness and customer base. Having our footprints in China represents a giant step in becoming a truly global publication”. www.us-tech.com
— Jacob Fattal, Publisher and President of U.S. Tech Magazine
“I needed some translating work done for materials I was taking to China for a conference. After unsuccessful searches of Craig’s List and other sources, I came across Andy Zhang’s Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center in the Loop. It’s a small operation, but I got quick and excellent service”.
“I had my translation work finished in two days. Plus I met with Mr. Zhang and went over a couple key phrases, which he discussed with me and then modified to better saying when I wanted. The total costs were amazingly low. This is a professional operation (translating and interpreting) that I will use again.”
— Dennis S  Comments made on 11/13/2009
“We are glad to build up a significant partnership with Ganlin Translation Corporation, an experienced and specialized translation and interpretation organization in the Chinese language”. www.CPAnalyst.com
— Dr. Irwin Jarett, CEO and Chairman of Tomorrow’s Software, Inc.
“We are so impressed with the services provided by Ganlin Translation Corporation in  localizing our website in such a short time. The entire localization and content integration processes went on so smoothly and cost-effectively”. www.nstechnology.com
— Gary B. Munoz, President and CEO of NetSource Technology, Inc.
“Ganlin Translation Corporation has significant advantages and experiences in website content localization and it is undoubtedly an ideal service provider to work with”. www.fostonn.com
— George Zeng, General Manager at Shenzhen Fostonn Communications Technology Limited.
E. “We are very much honored to select Ganlin Translation Corporation as our strategic business partner. We highly value the company’s proven expertise and massive resources in both Greater China and North America market. It’s a significant asset that we can leverage to better serve our clients”.
— Thomas Chang, President of Beijing Tuoming Communication Technology Co., Limited
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